The restaurant “Arty Hearty” is located in the ocean side of the first floor in main building.
We serve dinner here for the customer who reserved.

“85 (hachigo) Cafe”  was opened in 2023 Feb. 85 Cafe 


Breakfast (plus: adult 1,100 yen, child 880 yen)

The breakfast which is packed in a rattan basket will be served at your room door around 8 o’clock a.m. It includes special sandwiches, fruit and coffee and so on.

Please have breakfast wherever you want such as a beach, an open-deck or your room.



we are sorry, dinner is not available at Arty Hearty restaurant for this season.


Arty Hearty lounge

You can use here as lounge until 10:00pm.

You can play pool also.


85 Cafe (hachigo cafe)

Open 11:30am.-9:00pm
Closed every Tuesday and Wednesday (Please check the website for temporary closures and summer business hours.)